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Published on Sep 03, 2023


The website “Social Networking” developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server will be used to connect the people in very easy , simple and efficient way and one can share their feeling ,information ,ideas…..and many more…, the services offered to an individual’s choice(s) and availability for making friends among various areas and destinations. A log concerning the registration and requests for friends and various other features by users are also maintained.

The website will also provide benefits to verified user(s). As the name suggests is a social networking allowing the users to interact with each other and exchange their views. This project also enables the users to see the details of their friends upload their own photographs, add their friends, leave a scrap & send testimonials.

The project’s objective is to enable users to communicate with other people.

 It allows the user to search for friends.

 This website provides user the ability to upload the photographs.

 It also enables the user to leave the scraps & send the testimonials.

Project category:

The Project category is Web based developed in ASP.Net with MS-SQL Server. Language used is C#.

Language and software tool used:

● Front End : C#

● Operating System : Window 7

● Back End : Microsoft SQL Server 2008


The software has different modules which help it to achieve its objectives, those are:

 REGISTER TO BE A MEMBER: Logged users can EDIT their PROFILE, and upload the photographs.

 PROFILE: Logged users can see their details and if they wish to change any of their information they can edit it.

 FRIENDZ: Logged users can see their friend list and if they wish to add friends.

 SCRAPBOOK: This module enables the user to send the scarps to their friends.

 TESTIMONIAL: This module enables the user to send the testimonial to their friends.

 PHOTO GALLERY: This module enables the user to upload the photos to their photo gallery and maintain their album.

Hardware requirement:

● Operating system: Window 7

● Hard disks: 40GB

● RAM: 256 MB

Software requirement:

● C#

● .Net Framework

● MS SQL server 2005

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