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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Controlling appliances from our PC is quite interesting and convenient. In this project the simple circuit along with the software is used to interface the PC with the Electronic circuit.

The Gates(And, Or, Not etc) and the Input variables are set in the system. The corresponding signal is transmitted through parallel port and the PLC kit receives the signal.

The High or Low Input are set in the PLC kit by using switches. The control operations are done in the Microcontroller using PLC(Ladder Logic) Programming.

The output is derived in the PLC kit. By using the output one can control any machine.

In industries, because of some extraordinary problems like over heating, vibration etc, the motor may be burnt.

By using ladder logic program and proper sensors, we can identify the problem and immediately the motor can be stopped to prevent burning.

Computer Based PLC with Application project uses Visual Basic as designing language and Assembly language as Microcontroller language. PIC16F73 is used as Microcontroller

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