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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The main aim of this project is to implement the security system for filling petrol at the Petrol bunks by avoiding the involvement of human beings


The purpose of this project is to provide a security based accessing system for filling petrol at the petrol bunks to avoid the risk of carrying money every time. And also provides the feature of prepaid recharge


Now-a-days many petrol bunks are using the petro card system for filling petrol in any vehicle. In this system every user is provided with a smart petro card, with which one can access petrol at the petrol bunks.

Before using this card we have to recharge it. Whenever we want to fill the tank then we have to place the Petro card in the card reader, which is interfaced to the microcontroller with serial interfacing. The microcontroller reads the data from the smartcard reader and asks how many liters you require, which will be displayed on the LCD screen.

Then we have to enter the required number of liters of petrol through keypad which act as a input to the microcontroller. After reading this value the microcontroller will check for the available balance in the smart card, if it is sufficient then the petrol filling process will be started. After filling the required quantity, a buzzer will indicates the process of completion .


Smart cards are secure tokens that have provided security services to a wide range of applications for over thirty years. Along with other technology advances, smart card technology has changed dramatically as well. For nearly a decade, researchers have sought to connect smart cards to the Internet. The benefits are more including providing services over the Internet and eliminating smart card specific infrastructure.

A smart card is an integrated circuit card that forms a part of a circuit or system when engaged with a smart card interface. Smart cards are becoming increasingly more popular for security and personal identification applications.

Smart cards have one or more microcontrollers embedded in them which manage access to, and storage of, sensitive data that is actually stored in memory devices on the smart card.

The smart chip included on a smart card provides a means for secured electronic transactions and a means for identification. The integrated chip is embedded in the smart card and operates to process specific transactions. The smart card uses a serial interface and receives its power from an external source such as a smart card reader


By using this project one can design a secured system for filling petrol to vehicles at the petrol bunks using Smart Card based Accessing System

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