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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This Software mainly concerns with Network based Packet Management Packet Analyzer, also known as Protocol Snuffers or simply Network Snuffers, deals with extracting the network packets during a communication.

This mainly manages the TCP/ IP protocol family based packet management. It takes the raw data passing through the network, parses it into a specified format that describes several parameters, both configurable and non-configurable.

We can use this information to tune the communication traffic in a more manageable way, by extracting some important parameters like Bandwidth, PI address, the MAC Address, and the like. Later this information can be used as a feed back for SNIP server in the network to manage the whole network much more efficiently. Updating the Management Information Base (MIA) database of the SNIP server in the network does this.

We can also use this information to filter the packet based on some criteria. And in the last stage all these information's can be put together to develop a Trace Route algorithm - which traces the route up to the destination when a packet leaves our local network or sublet - which in turn is displayed in a user-friendly manner.

All this information's can also be used to troubleshoot some problems associated with the Networks and thereby can also give some security to, the whole network in conjunction with the SNIP server. The software is completely developed using C# in Net platform.Basically this project is divided into two modules that handle all these tasks independently. It is as follows:

1.) Protocol Parser:- Mainly for parsing or converting the raw data from the network to some manageable format. Needs to access the NIX card using the user defined NIX card drives, which is to be written in c.

2.) Packet Filtering:- Mainly handles filtering of the incoming parsed data on a lot of packet header parameters for efficient management and to provide some security to the local network.

The System mainly contains of the following modules:-

a.Packet Capturing
b.Packet Analyzing
c.Statistical Analyzing

a.)Packet Capturing
This module deals with the sniffing part. In this it should capture the packets that are passing through the network. It allows users to monitor several network protocols and their specific packet count The protocols include PI, TAP, UDC, IMP, ARP and others. It also allows users to monitor port specific traffic. Also we can save a captured packet and analyze later.

b.) Packet Analyzing
The captured data are raw bytes of information. So proper analyzing is needed In this module, it will extract the header information for protocols in the TCP/IP stack.

c.) Statistical Analyzing
The header information that is extracted from the above module is analyzed here. It will give an idea about the network traffic and the usage of protocol in the TCP/IP stack. This module gives a percentage wise idea about the total network traffic and the corresponding protocol.

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