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Published on Aug 21, 2023


In this project design and implementation of neural network based railway protection using wireless technology. Usually number of accidents occurred due to track crack and obstacle on the track.

The main modules in this project are sensor, Microcontroller unit, Driver unit and camera. The IR transmitter and receiver are connected in front of the train. The IR transmitter transmits IR rays when the power supply is switched on. The IR sensor is connected with the microcontroller. In normal positions, the rays transmitted from the transmitter falls in front of the train.

If there is no train or any block, the signals from the IR transmitter falls don't on the IR receiver directly. When any train or any block, the IR signals are falls on the receiver and it automatically sends signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller operates the relay section through driver section. Thus the train is stopped immediately.

If there is any crack in the track, the continuous sensor sense and transmit signal near to the station. Then the guard send signal to the train and stops the train

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