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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Research suggest that upto 70% of the "pain" victims get relief by using; TENS unit - if you can afford one! Our advanced TENS unit has the additional facility of variable frequency and pulse width-control and it will still cost a lot less than similar units.

The TENS stands for ranscutaneousElectricalneuraltimulation"This a technique employed for pain relief .

These are widely used in public and private health service as an alternative to drugs for the treatment of pain .previous such units work at a constant frequency and pulse width. In our advanced unit ,we provide facility for varying frequency and pulse width. There is also a provision for controlling the amplitude of the pulses.

The TENS unit stimulates major and deeper nerve bundles ,thus closing the appropriate pain gates, without itself causing any pain or damage. The pain gates commonly known as the transmission gates in the nervous system get opened by signals from major nerve fibre bundles. As the unit close, These transmission gates the pain would not be felt.

In use, the electrodes are usually placed above or to either side of the source of pain

1.Should never be used by anyone with a heart pacemaker.

2.Should never be used with the electrodes placed in such ,manner, so current passes through the head or across the heart.

3.Should never be used with electrodes placed on the front of the may interfere with important nerve centers around the carotid sinus area.

Normally around a frequency of 90 Hz and a pulse width of about half scale,people get relief from pain without any unpleasant tingling sensation .Treatment should normally last twenty to thirty minutes, although longer sessions are acceptable if the need is felt for them .

Pulsed operation may be preferable for longer sessions .` Other settings may then be tried to discover those especially suited to user. Some people find low frequency settings particularly beneficial .At setting, narrow pulse width may be found more comfortable with no loss of effect.

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