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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Parking the vehicle's on the road is a major problem now-a-days. In a crowded place, it is difficult for us to park the vehicle easily. In order to overcome this problem, we designed and developed a system so called as ultrasonic based parking guidance system.

This system is used to park the vehicles easily on the road. The system employs no one's help to park the vehicle on the road. The ultrasonic based parking guidance system is placed in front and back side of the vehicle. This system helps the vehicle to be parked without any damage.

The ultrasonic based parking guidance system consists of ultrasonic transmitter, ultrasonic receiver, oscillator, frequency generator, amplifier, driver circuit, alarm, microcontroller, display.

The system identifies any obstacle which is 1 feet before the vehicle or after the vehicle .The frequency generator generates a frequency which in turn makes the oscillator circuit to get enabled.

The oscillator frequency is then given to ultrasonic transmitter for transmission of the signals. It transmits the signal of particular frequency and the signal gets received by ultrasonic receiver. The received signal is amplified and given to microcontroller for display.

If there is any obstacle before the vehicle, the ultrasonic transmitter transmits the signal to ultrasonic receiver side. The transmitted signal is then given to an amplifier circuit for amplification. The amplified signal is given to microcontroller unit. The microcontroller sends the corresponding signals to alarm driver circuit which in turn enables the alarm. The alarm sound will indicate that, there is an obstacle in front of the vehicle or in the back side of the vehicle.


1. The vehicle can be parked without anyone's help.

2. Avoids damage to the vehicle.

3. The system is reliable.

4. Help's to identify the obstacle easily

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