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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This objective of this project is to control the Air Cooler in the vehicle automatically according to with temperature.This project is used to make the vehicle automation. The air cooler in the vehicle is controlled in depends on the temperature. So in night times it automatically changed to the desired level.

Brief Methodology:

This project is designed with temperature sensor, Amplifier, Analog to digital converter, Microcontroller and relay driver circuit.

Temperature sensor is the one type of transducer fixed in the vehicle. This transducer changes the resistance value in responds to the temperature. So it provides the different voltage signal depends on the temperature then the signals are fed into amplifier circuit.

The amplifier circuit is constructed with operational amplifier. It is act as power amplifier to amplify the weak signal from the transducer. Then amplified signal is given to ADC.

ADC is nothing but analog to digital converter which converts input analog signal into corresponding digital signal. The converted digital signal is given to microcontroller.

Here the microcontroller may be Atmel or PIC both are flash type reprogrammable microcontroller, in which we have already programmed. So it received the signal from the ADC and compared with stored value.

It temperature is higher with stored value; the microcontroller activates the relay driver circuits. The relay output is directly connected air cooler to turn ON the air cooler. Through this way air cooler in the vehicles is controlled automatically.


• This project is used to make the vehicle automation

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