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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The objective of this project is to identify the Brake Failure in the Four Wheeler vehicle

All most all the vehicles are facing out the problem so called as brake failure, how to rectify? What to do to prevent this brake failure which results in more number of accidents. To overcome this problem, we find a solution called brake failure indicator in order to rectify the problem.

In this project we are using 89C51 or PIC16F877 Microcontroller to check the Brake Condition.

Normally the Braking system in the four wheelers is air pressure type or oil type. Here the project is designed for both pressure types. The Braking System is connected to pressure tank.

The pressure sensor senses the pressure in the tank, then the signal from the sensor is amplified to some voltage level it given to the ADC. The ADC convert the incoming analog voltage signal to Digital signal then it send to Microcontroller.

If the pressure level is low the Microcontroller activates alarm through the driver circuit. So the alarm gives audible signal to the Rider. Here the Microcontroller display the corresponding pressure range in the LCD display

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