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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to report the happenings of accidents automatically to the Doctor or any other through Telephone.

The main part of the Unit is Microcontroller, Wireless phone and vibration sensor. The Vibration sensor senses the vibration continuously. If the vibration is above a certain range, it sends signal to the Microcontroller unit.

The micro controller immediately handles the phone operation completely. It first handles the hook button and then flash key simultaneously for some time and then starts dialing to the Doctor's Telephone number or any other number already set.

If the particular number is busy, again and again it tries to the particular number. When he attend the phone, the Unit sends message through the Microphone. Thus the particular person can come and handle the situation.

This unit can be implemented in case of fire and other security purposes. In future this can be implemented with wireless camera which exactly shows the particular place of the accident

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