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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Wireless communication is limited to certain range because there are some obstacles and communication barriers across the way. So the receiver is not able to receive the signal as it is sent from the transmitter. So we need the help of Satellite.

Here we are designing a satellite which receives signal from one station. It amplifies and re transmits the signal to the other station. Both the Transmitter and receiver uses Telescopic antenna for transmission and reception.

In this section, a signal is transmitted using FM transmitter(64 to 108 MHz) which is in one station.


The FM signal is received by the satellite and it sends the signal to an AM transmitter(530 to 1000 KHz) in the satellite.


The signal from the AM transmitter can be received anywhere. Thus an AM receiver from the destination can easily receive the signal from the satellite.

This project exactly explains the working and use of a communication satellite

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