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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The objective of this project is providing the indication for the Door Bell to Deaf People. This project is very useful to the deaf people to identify that when any one press the door Bell .

Brief Methodology:

This project is designed with Bell system and flash light. When any one person presses the door bell it gives the pulse to signal and conditioning unit. In which the incoming signal is amplified and given to Bell driver circuit.

Bell driver circuit consists of Transistor which acts as switch. So it controls the Bell when Transistor is on Bell makes the sound. Here flash light driver circuit is connected in parallel with Bell driver circuit.

Flash driver circuit control the flash light system flash light system made with different colours and Brightness light. When person press the door bell Bell system makes sound for normal person and flash light system provides the brightness light to deaf person.

This project is very useful in the house contrast with normal Door Bell, it provides sound as well as brightness light for indication of Door Bell

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