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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The main goal of this project is develop a novel solution towards patient monitoring system considering the aspects of technology of today and with an eye to the future in medical industry. This project will provide the user a 24X7 intelligent monitoring system.

A patient is any person who receives medical attention, care, or treatment . The person is most often ill or injured and in need of treatment by a physician or other medical professional , although one who is visiting a physician for a routine check-up may also be viewed as a patient.

Patient Monitor or "Multi-parameter monitor" or also referred to as " Physiological Monitor" is a clinical use electronic machine designed to display and minimally interpret, a person's vital signs . Some monitors can warn of pending fatal cardiac conditions before visible signs are noticeable to clinical staff.

Parameters (or measurements) usually consist of accelerometer, ECG , blood pressure (either invasively through an inserted blood pressure-to-transducer assembly or non-invasively with an inflatable blood pressure cuff), and temperature.

Brief Description:

In GPRS and GPS Based Intelligent Patient Monitoring project we use the following blocks – 32 bit ARM core, GPS and GPRS modem, sensors, amplifier, ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), accelerometer, IR transmitter, IR receiver.

Here the 32 bit ARM core is master control of the entire process. This system is used to monitor the parameters of the patient from a remote location. We also plot the parameters of the patient on the graph using MATLAB software. We monitor the parameters like temperature, blood pressure, heart beat rate and also the ECG (Electrocardiogram). We use several sensors like temperature, pressure, ECG etc.

The output of the sensors area amplified and fed to the ARM core. The ECG is amplified and then passed over the ADC to give digital output. This is then fed to the ARM core. The keypad and LCD is also interfaced to the ARM cortex. An accelerometer is used to measure the depth of CPR chest compressions is also interfaced to the ARM cortex.

This information from the ARM cortex is transmitted on a wireless scheme. There exists a server in the hospitals. These servers aid in tracking the patient having the monitoring system. The server is built by using the java based jsp platform and the results from the server are plotted using the MATLAB software. Hence using this system one can effectively track a patient's complete health information monitoring from a remote location.

This system is future can be built as a SOC (System on Chip) that can be embedded inside the human body for monitoring

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