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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to control Electric and Electronic devices through Intel processor.

When the Processor is booted, it gets opterational data from a floppy drive. The controlling and other data are also stored in the floppy disk. It requires no Hard disk.

The user can control all the domestic appliances for example, Light, TV, Fan, Fridge etc. According to the signal from the floppy disk, the processor sends signal through parallell port. The microcontroller receives the signal and controls the controlling unit.

The controlling unit drives a corresponding relay in the external electronic circuit. The relay is used as a switch to operate the particular device. By this way the user can control any of the Electric or Electronic devices.

This type of device controller can be used in areas where human cannot enter. It is also used in areas where the devices are to be controlled in a secured manner. In those areas, a computer is enough to control the entire operation of the electric and electronic devices

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