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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to control a Inteligent robot through Computer. The user can control all the operations of the Inteligent robot using computer.

It consists of five major parts.

• Computer Interface

• RF Transmitter

• RF Receiver

• Microcontroller Unit

• Robotic control

• Robotic platform(AI)

When the user presses a specific button of the computer, a digital signal is generated and sent through the com port. The RS232 receives the signal and sends to the Microcontroller. The microcontroller controlls the RF transmitter accordingly.

The RF receiver(connected with the robot) receives the signal and it controls the microcontroller accordingly. The microcontroller controls the Robotic control unit. In the Robot, there is a metal detector and sensors. The metal detector if detects anything, it produces siren.

In the Artificial Inteligence section, the robot uses IR transmitter and receiver to detect any obstacle infront of it. Thus it will not dash on any obstacles.

The design and port programs are written in Visual Basic. The Microcontroller program is written in assembly language.

This type of robot can be used to detect bomb in critical places

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