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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to control Traffic signal through Microcontroller.

It uses PIC16F73 (28 pin Micro controller). The micro controller controls the full operation of the signal. The micro controller program is written in assembly language.

The control has four sides. Each side has three lights called Red, Green and Orange .

When the device is switched on, the microcontroller generates different signals according to the direction and timings of each side. If green light glows in one side, other sides will be red. When the green signal is about to change, it indicates through orange light to both sides, that is green going to be red and red going to be green.

The signal from the microcontroller is thus used to drive a particular NPN transistor and thereby it energizes corresponding relays. The relay supplies the necessary voltage to the signal lights.

In case of ambulence and fire service, the signal on the particular side will automatically changes to green so that the emergency vehicles can go without any difficulties.

If we use this project for traffic signal control, no need of man power. It itself will work properly

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