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Published on Aug 21, 2023


All mobile phones are constantly in touch with the nearest mobile phone towers and boosters to maintain a good reception of the signals. The integration of the GPS chips into the cell phones has made this possible to track a cell phone more accurately. Mobile phone tracking tracks the current position of a mobile phone, even when it is moving.

To locate the phone, it must emit at least the roaming signal to contact the next nearby antenna tower, but the process does not require an active call.

Mobile positioning, which includes location based service that discloses the actual coordinates of a mobile phone bearer, is a technology used by telecommunication companies to approximate where a mobile phone, and thereby also its user (bearer), temporarily resides.

The more properly applied term locating refers to the purpose rather than a positioning process. Such service is offered as an option of the class of location-based services which uses GPS.

The Latitude and longitude of the mobile phone's location is searched by the J2ME software in the Mobile phone. It sends the data to the Internet through Network socket with a particular IP address. Thus the data reaches the terminal with the particular IP address.

The software in the server receives the data and it locates the location of the particular mobile phone with GMAPS

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