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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The main aim is to design and Application of Network Based Robotic Controller


The purpose of this project is to bio telemetric system is embedded system of distributed nature aimed at monitoring of patient's vital functions, among others heart rate and carbon dioxide saturation. There is need to track other values as well - body and ambient temperature, patient's posture in monitored space


This project consists of three modules called Controlling client activities through LAN, Controlling wireless robot and audio steganography.

The first module controls the client activities like monitoring system activities, control panel activities, key board and mouse properties etc.

The second module is developed for the users to control a Robotic web camera using PC through network. The user can control the movements of the robot like hand up, hand down, Left and right and can also control the camera operation.

When the user presses a specific button of the computer, a signal corresponding to the operation is sent via network. The server accesses the signal and a digital signal is generated according to the action and sent through a particular pin of the Serial port. The microcontroller receives the signal and controls a multi channel RF transmitter.

The RF receiver is connected with the Robot. The RF receiver sends signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller controls the Robot and camera through external electronic circuit. The relay is used as a switch to operate the particular motor in the Robot. By this way the user can control any of the operations of the Robot.

The third module "Audio Steganography" is like a software used to send and receive text with very high security.

The process involves transmission and receiving. At the transmission end, the particular text to be transmitted is mixed with an audio by using a suitable algorithm. The audio is then transmitted.

If anyone opens it, the text is invisible. At the terminal, another algorithm is applied to detect the text from the audio. Only the authorized persons who are having the particular algorithm can receive the text.

This project uses VB.Net as front end tool and Assembly language as microcontroller language.

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