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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Power Failure Indicator project is developed for the users to identify the power failure in houses and industries and to inform the EB in wireless manner.

It consists of power sensor, microcontroller unit, multi channel RF transmitter and receiver, LCD display etc.

In the house/industries, the microcontroller unit is connected with the power line through power sensor. The status of electricity is sensed by the microcontroller. In the time of power failure, the sensor sends signal to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller analyses the signal and accordingly it sends signal to the multi channel RF transmitter.

In the EB Office, a multi channel RF receiver is connected. The receiver receives the signal from the house/industries and sends corresponding signal to the microcontroller unit. The microcontroller sends corresponding signal to the LCD display and thus the display displays the status of power in the house/industries.

The microcontroller used is PIC 16F73 and the microcontroller program is written in assembly language.

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