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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The aim of the project is to atomize the irrigation system for social welfare of Indian agricultural system


The purpose of this project is to improve the irrigation system of Indian agriculture and also to provide adequate irrigation to particular area


Primarily for Real time atomization of agricultural environment for social modernization of Indian agricultural system. In our project, we are basically concentrating on following applications such as:

1. To continuously monitor the soil moisture.

2. To continuously monitor the water level of well.

3. To check the temperature, humidity and dew point so as to forecast the weather condition.

4. to monitor & control the whole system through GSM module.

5. Provide the detail information about the field condition to the user through SMS.

6. Maintain faithful irrigation of the farm field via constant monitoring of 3-phase supply and other field parameters.

The user communicates with the centralized unit through SMS. The centralized unit communicates with the system through SMS which will be received by the GSM with the help of the SIM card. The GSM sends this data to ARM7. ARM7 also continuously receives the data from sensors in some form of codes. After processing, this data is displayed on the LCD. The communication between various devices takes place through RS232


This project finds application in domestic agricultural field. In civilian domain, this can be used to ensure faithful irrigation of farm field, since we have the option of finding out moisture level of soil in a particular area

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