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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to have watcher security alert. It mainly consists of Microcontroller unit, LCD display, Key pad and Buzzer.

The user can set the alert timing through key pad. At night, the administrator will switch on the security alert device. The LCD display displays the current time. In every one hour, the microcontroller sends signal to the buzzer to produce warning sound.

Within one minute, the watcher(Secutity) has to press the alert switch. Other wise the microcontroller will count one. Again after one hour, the microcontroller operates the buzzer and so on.

The administrator can check the number of counts. The number of counts tell the number of times the watcher is absent to press the alert switch. So the administrator can understand the status of security.

This project is very useful in Houses, Industries, Institutions, Shops etc where hitech security is needed.

Working Principle:

The brain of this project is a Microcontroller. The microcontroller has inbuilt RAM. The settings given by the user are stored in the RAM. The microcontroller program is written for Clock and Counter.

When the particular time reaches, the microcontroller sends signal to the buzzer. If the alert button is not pressed within the particular time, the counter counts one. The adminstrator can view the details by giving the password. The count and time will be displayed in the LCD display

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