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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The foremost critical task for coal mine is of keeping track of miners spread out across large mining areas. It becomes even difficult when mine tunnels collapse. Many mines use a radio system to track miners, but when a collapse occurs, the base stations connected by a thin wire often are rendered useless. In this project to overcome the demerits of radio system we used wireless technology for tracking the miners.

For this purpose a small rf transmitter module is equipped to each person entering a mine. Each transceiver placed in the mine look after the location of miners. The transceivers communicate with base stations through WIRELESS module.

In addition of tracking the location of miners we also include sensors such as temperature & humidity to intimate the base station & miners when some atmosphere changes occur.

Mine operators are now able to monitor the real-time locations of each miner to better pinpoint their locations in the event of an emergency. Even after a full-day of use, mine operators can locate an individual miner within ten feet .


• High reliable

• Versatility

• Less expensive

• Low power consumption

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