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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Established in 1971 and with over three decades of market research experience, IMRB International is a pioneer in India in various research areas. Associated with a group of international market companies such as the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB) and Millward Brown International, IMRB International operates out of thirteen cities in India and has associate offices in Sri Lanka , Bangladesh and Nepal .

The 500 member strong IMRB International promises high quality conceptualization, strategic thinking, execution and interpretation skills on all its clients' research needs. In 1996, IMRB International managed 2,500 projects and 4,000,000 interviews. IMRB International is the only research company in India today that offers the entire range of research based services to its clients. IMRB International's specialised areas are consumer markets, industrial marketing, business to business marketing, social marketing and rural marketing. IMRB International is the market research wing of J Walter Thompson (JWT) - the leading advertising agency in India . JWT in turn belongs to the Kantar Group, which in turn is a part of the WPP Group - the largest advertising group in the world

The Kantar group was established in 1993, a London based holding company responsible for WPP's worldwide information and consultancy interests. Kantar, is the world's largest survey organization and is ranked 3rd overall. It comprises three global research businesses - Research International, Millward Brown and Kantar Media Research and four regional ones - BMRB International, IMRB International, Goldfarb and Winona. Each is a leader in its own area of expertise or specialization. The research studies in over 130 countries. The Kantar group specialized in:

• Qualitative and quantitative research

• Tracking studies

• International research

• Predictive modelling

• Media measurement

• Data capture and handling

• Strategic research

• Customer handling Objectives

The project is of evaluating the brand ITM as our client is interested in investing in ITM.

• Its to measure brand perception of ITM.

• To analyse collected data and comment over decision of investment.

• Find out well maintained and areas need to be improvised.

After allowing FDI in key sectors such as telecom, insurance, food processing and even retail, the Manmohan Singh government is toying with the idea of permitting foreign investment in elementary and higher education. FDI in education will help Indian students to study in an environment of world class labs and libraries. It will also help Indian students tremendously in getting jobs in multinational companies.

Also from investor's viewpoint investment in such big industry i.e. Indian education system is going to be huge return on investment. From the same prospective our client at IMRB had expressed his intention to invest in Institute of Technology and Management (ITM) a B-school in India with multistate presence in front of us. Methodology

Its has been evaluated ITM as a B-school and as a brand. First we had gone through questionnaire which we supposed to ask to targeted respondents. Then we had discussion over pros and cons of each segment of questionnaire so that no one should face problem while dealing with odd or unexpected response from respondent. We divided the target respondents by quota sampling technique.

We gathered required data and scrutinised it well for its correctness and validity. Then we analysed the particular segments of questionnaire which were probing more towards decision of investment in to the ITM institute.

To add on to the client's requirements we have also highlighted the areas where improvement is required in ITM and the vital areas which require more flow of financial resources towards them.

Analysing the collected data is very essential for arriving at any conclusion. During the process of analysis we found out that many students do get influenced by brand and reputation of ITM, they consider this factor a lot while deciding the college for the admission.

Other important factors which student consider before taking admission are; course fees, placement records, academic specialisation available and industry interface or exposure provided to students.

Research International

Research International is a world's largest custom market research agency. It has more offices in more than 50 countries and has an experience of working in over 130 countries.
Research International specialized in:

• Branding and Communication

• Innovation and Product Development

• Category Management

• Consumer strategy

• Customer Relationship

• Service measurement

MRB International has acted as a catalyst in the development of market research infrastructure in neighbouring countries. We work with associate companies in Sri Lanka (Lanka Market Research Bureau) and in the Middle East (Arab Market Research Bureau), and through affiliates in Australia , Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Indonesia , Philippines , Egypt , Tunisia , Nepal , Pakistan , Bangladesh and Myanmar .

IMRB International has been offering over 30 years of specialist research services to clients in India and overseas on products and services covering the entire gamut of business and industry. IMRB International today, operates out of its five full service offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and Bangalore and is supported by 15 other regional centers for collection of survey information that literally span the entire country. IMRB is able to provide the highest quality of professional services to the utmost satisfaction of clients which include the small medium and large scale industries, the government and public sector units, multinational corporations and international companies that are eyeing the highly promising Indian market.

Reference :

Marketing Research: Text and Cases,by Dr. RAJENDRA NARGUNDKAR.

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