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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Technology has gained utmost importance in the social -economic advancement of mankind by introducing new product ,process and tools for improving the quality of day a life .

The face of technological ,which increased during the last centuary since the industrial revolution ,has become really fast in the second half of the twentieth Centuary.

Since development led to many inventions, but one of the greatest contribution and the advantages of having the reliable collection of data for decision making prompt as to turn the IT for help and it can be highly stated that computers have become the second industrial revolution.

Many calculations that were previously beyond contemplation have now become possible. .Computers have helped automation of many industrial and business systems. Computer databases ,can stores data in different form from simple lines of text to complex data structures that include pictures, sounds or video images.

Data management involves creating, modifying, deleting, and adding data to generate reports. The software that allows performing these functions is known as a Database Management System (DBMS). Thus the DBMS is a collection of data and program that help you to retrieve this data and perform operations on it.

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