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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Imaginaire is a web based photo sharing service. It would make it easy for people to organize their digital photos, create online albums and share them.


Following are the desirable features of Imaginaire.We have divided these features into three parts on the basis of their necessities and usages. The most basic features are kept under the 'Guaranteed Features' list. The 'wishlist' contains features which would be implemented(if time permits) after the completion of basic features. And the third list is 'Future Enhacements'.

Guaranteed Features :

Allow users to create accounts and sign in

Create albums, upload photos, add captions, view slide show

Private/public albums

Share private albums (send email to friend with link to slide show)

Search public albums based on picture caption, album name etc

Wishlist :

Allow upload of multiple photos in a archive file and their create album.

Allow tagging of photos and albums.

Upload photos from a url.

Future Enhancements :

Allow video sharing along with images.

Create video playlists.

Desktop Application for managing photos and albums

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