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Published on Sep 03, 2023


The project entitled "Medical Reference System" is designed to allow health care providers who are in constant need of current authoritative medical information to help them take better care of their patients and live a healthier life. The project has four main modules as follows:

• Registration module

• Search module

• Other Services module

• Administration module

Registration Module : The site permits public to view it but only registered users can perform operations such as searching ,making suggestions, sending mails and chatting. This is to verify that all those who use the site have accepted the terms and conditions provided by the site.

If any new user tries to login, the page will be redirected to the registration page. The user will then have to enter the details as prompted. A mail will be send to the user in the e-mail id entered by him. If it has been successfully sent , the uniqueness of the user-id he selected is checked. Then the account that user requested along with the user-id will be created.

Once this procedure has been successfully completed user will have access to the entire system but with the restriction imposed by his level in the system. The system will have two types of users .The default privilege for a newly registered user will be the 'user'. This will give him access to the entire system but without the facilities made available to the administrator.

The second level privilege is the 'Administrator' who has overall control of the system and also has the facility to upload various information into the server, view suggestions that are given by the user.

Search module : This module allows the registered users to search from different servers or from database. When searching from Servers ,the users can search for any medical details or can refer different books.

The search books options allows users to do search by disease, body parts. The users are provided with links which contains information about the disease or the names of books written by authors specified. When searched from the database users can enter the name of the disease which will provide the symptoms as well as the name of the medicines to be taken for that disease.

Other Services module : This module allows users to send mails, chatting with users who are currently online to view the news or events which occur during a particular month and to provide feed back about the site, which will be valued by the Administrator.

Administration module : This module defines the functions that are invoked by the Administrator who has the overall control of the system. The module provides the Administrator the facility to upload a new site , book file to the server , delete the book, insert medical information to database, adding news or events, deleting books and view suggestions registered by the users.

Software :

• Front End : The User Interface is created using JSP, HTML, JavaScript and Applet.

• Middle Tier : EJB is used as the bridge between the user interface and a consistent database.

• Back End : Oracle 9i is used as the Data Base Server.

• Designing : UML and Rational Rose are used for designing Class Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams and Data Flow Diagrams.

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