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Published on Sep 18, 2019


This project is about to automate the status tracking of various projects. This system typically enables the top-level management to keep track of the status of the projects under their control. Some of the critical activities that can be performed with this system are monitoring the completion status of project documents, to alert PL's indicating the documents completion dates.

PM allocates projects to GL, PL of a particular client with project code, project name and start date of the particular project. The system keeps tracks of the documents that have to be completed with in a particular duration. PL gets the intimation before two days of each documents completion date. This notifies the PL to complete his schedule on time.

Project Description:

The system for automating the project process which involves three phases:

• Project Initiation Phase

• Regular Mode

• Project Windup

The system helps the PM, GL, PL, TL, TM, GM to view the status of the project and helps in tracking information about the project.

Project Initiation Phase:

PM allocates project to the concerned Group Leader, Project Leader with Project Name and Start date of the project.

At the initiation phase, each project must complete certain documents in a particular duration. The PL will get notification about the incomplete documents whenever he logins.

Types of Documents: -

• Project Documents

• Project Presentations

• Project Activities

PM is given permission to add new projects, update/delete the existing projects. PL is given permission to view the current status of the documents, pending documents, completed documents, update the documents, and view the document categories wise.

GL is given permission to view the completed and pending documents of the projects.

Regular Phase: -

Regular Phase is other wise termed as execution stage of the project. Team Members come in to picture. As per the documents completed in phase one, design, coding and maintainability of the project starts. PL allocates modules to team members.

Team member completes the requirements with in the particular duration.

Role of Team Member: -

• Design

• Implementation

• Maintainability

Project Wind Up: -

The PL performs the process of Project wind up. PL releases the team members from the project. Discussion about the project is done with other PL for future enhancements. Standards are checked and project gets released to the Client.

PL reports to the GL about the completion of the project.

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