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Published on Sep 03, 2023


A project titled, " Mindtech Bug And Component Systems" is web-based distributed EJBBug. An integration of JSP/Java-Servlets, application server and relational database.

Existing System:

The existing system is also computerized one. But it is standalone computer system application. So in every branch we have to install the software and maintain a database individually for tracking the bugs occurred in that branch. At final it is very difficult to keep track of all bugs occurred around all the branches. Totally is very time taking and risky process to collect all the bugs from every branch and controlling them and taking the decisions on those collected data about the bugs.

One more motive to develop this new system is when we developed an application and it is in beta version and is being tested by different peoples around the earth. If any one find out a bug in a module of that application can report that bug to us using this Bug System. Thus our MindTech Bug and Component System collects all the bugs related one/more projects and maintain them in a proper manner which helps us to take a decision and to know quickly the status of bug in each project.

Proposed System:

The first step of analysis process involves the identification of need. The success of a system depends largely on how accurately a problem is defined, thoroughly investigated and properly carried out through the choice of solution.

This application has been developed in order to overcome the difficulties encountered while using the existing system. This is web-based distributed JSPBug. An integration of JSP/Java-Servlets,and relational database.


Operating System : Windows2000 Server/

NT or any Mail server

Reports : General Reports

Other Applications : Tomcat WebServer


Pentium Processor : PentiumIII

RAM : 128MB

Hard Disk : 20 GB

Floppy Disk : 1.44 MB

CD/ROM Drive : 52 Bit


Key Board : 101 Standard

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