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Published on Sep 03, 2023


This is used to provide information regarding various facilities available in the University campus such as class-rooms, labs, hostels, mess, canteen, gymnasium, computer center, faculty club etc.

Current System:

In most our universities, the facilities that are available in the university campus are not integrated, so that the users of the university are unable to use these facilities as and when needed. So they feel lot of inconvenience.

For example, a student wants to know whether a specific book on Java is available or not. For this student must go to the library and he/she has to search for that book in the library for the existence of it. If it is not there the student need to write a request to the librarian or to any concerned authorities in written form about his/her requirement. This manual process takes lot of time as well as has poor co-ordination and co-operation.

Proposed System:

But with our OHD, with a single mouse click a student can able to find out whether the library is holding that particular book or not. If the that book is not purchased by the university library so far, then the student can post the request for that particular book through OHD to the concerned authorities so that the authorities takes the necessary action to provide that book to the students by keeping it the library. So OHD help in knowing the available facilities as well as allows the users to express their needs.


Keeping all available facilities of university campus on intranet so that all users are able to get information about them.

Providing facility to post a query on any issue to concerned authorities through OHD.

Providing facility to answer for all the queries made by the users by the concerned authorities.


Operating System : Windows Server

Front End : HTML

Middle Ware : Jsp/Servlet with java web server

Back-end : Oracle


Processor : P-IV Processor

RAM : 1 GB

HDD : 80 GB

Network : Intranet

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