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Published on Sep 18, 2019


Online Rental House Web Portal is an internet portal dedicated to meet every aspect of the consumers needs in the Real Estate industry. It is a forum where Property Owners, Brokers, Tenants and Investors can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. It features commercial and residential properties for sale rent and lease the fore properties, rates, locations, property news and also major events and happenings in the genre are the highlights of this portal.

Proposed system :

• The portal provides real estate directory for real estate agents, property dealers, builders and potential buyers of property

• Search based on keywords such as location, prices

• Customized user accounts that can be dynamically generated

• Dynamic Content Updation

• Automated Email and SMS facilities

• Comparison of properties based on location (distance from nearest hospital, school, airport, railway station etc)


• The system must provide login access to the registered users

• The system must provide a registration page to enable new users(Builders, Brokers, Owners) to be registered

• If the Registration is successful, an email is to be sent to the user with a temporarily generated password.

• When the user logs in for the first time after registration, he must be prompted to change the temporary password

• The new password provided by the user must be a secure password (not a dictionary based password)

Notification :

• The registered users must be able to save and modify their profile which can be viewed by interested parties.

• The registered users must be able to view the history and summary of their activities

• The brokers/owners shall have options to view the responses to their properties

• The brokers/owners shall be provided with a form to update their property details

• The brokers/owners must be able to turn on/off email and SMS alerts

Software Requirement :

Operating System : Windows 2000, windows XP

Programming Languages : JSP

Script : HTML,CSS, Java script

Data Base : Mysql5.0

Hardware Requirement:

Processor Type: Pentium -IV

RAM : 512 MB RAM

Hard disk : 40GB HD

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