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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Every business organization big or small has its own sets of problems. Sometimes they enjoy advantages over others; sometimes they also have to bear the heat of the competition. They are not above the ups and downs of the business. Colgate Palmolive is the world leader in oral care industry. They cater the need of different segments by offerring innovative products.

The main objectives of this study is to find the new potential retail outlets and rearranging the whole Pune district distribution and also study the wholesale market in detail on the various basis and also find out the ways to reduce the involvement of wholesalers in distribution channel.

The study required a detailed study of Pune market. A detail wholesaler and retailer survey was conducted to find out all the aspects related wholesale and retail market. Two different questionnaires for wholesaler and retailers were made and direct interviews were held to get first hand information. The data collected from the two surveys were scientifically analyzed and conclusions ware drawn. Based on these conclusions and managerial theory we recommend a set of activities to be implemented by Colgate Palmolive India Ltd. in order to reduce the involvement of wholesaler and to promote secondary brands for business expansion.

Wholesaling is concerned with the activities of those persons or establishments which sell to retailers and other merchants and or to industrial institutional and commercial user s nut who do not sell in significant amount to ultimate consumers.

Objective of the Study

A project will haywire if it does not have its objective clear. If one knows the whole only then the right path can be decided and with disciplined work and positive attitude achieving this objective will be a catwalk.

Therefore, we also set down the objectives before starting the project which are as follows.

1. Study of Wholesale business in detail.
2. Study the performance of Colgate Palmolive Brands in wholesale market.
3. To study their customer base and also their customer retention strategies.
4. How can Colgate reduce the involvement of wholesaler in their distribution chain?
5. How to optimize supply through wholesale channels?
6. How to promote secondary brands in wholesale market?
7. Find out new potential retail outlets for expansion of the business.
8. Also take part in rearranging the whole Pune district distribution of Colgate Palmolive.

Nothing is perfect in this world. The last perfect person was crucified to the cross. This project is not an exception to this rule.

Following are the limitations of the project:

i. The study is made on the responses to the questionnaire framed.
ii. Though utmost care has been taken, the views expressed by the sample may not represent the views of the population at large.
iii. Sometimes due to lack of time the respondent may not have given reliable information.
iv. Some respondents did not see the project important so they gave exaggerated information that had to be manipulated.
v. Conclusions arrived at might not be suitable to the other part the city.


Most of wholesaler have fixed client so they can serve better to their customers and they can promote the brands which are not in demand.

Many wholesalers have local retailer as their clients.

Lot of wholesalers serve around 150 to 200 clients in day .so we can understand that lot of retailers is not served by distributor of Colgate. So there is big loophole.

Main point in wholesaler business is about credit period. But there are lot of wholesalers who are not doing business credit. They offer credit on basis of reliability.

Most of wholesalers serve to big and small retailers and household customers

We can say that secondary brands like Colgate gel, herbal, Palmolive range are lacking behind because of poor promotions.

Toothbrush of Colgate are doing good business because of increase in margins

Wholesalers replied that they can get products much lower rate then distributor but for service and relation they purchase from distributor.

Lot of wholesalers pass on scheme to retailers who have idea about it and also on the reliability of retailers .

Lot of wholesalers gives good treatment to local manufacturer because of huge margins and regular availability.


First try to cover the retailers from rural and slum areas.

Try to calculate every wholesalers average purchase pattern and keep on giving good services to high potential wholesalers. try supply more quantity of secondary brands
Try to find out wholesalers who are giving lower business at six month average according with that omit those wholesalers.

Do not give very high scheme and margins because the purchases the products in huge quantity and start under cutting.

Try to give specific target for wholesalers market and retail market according with the market potential.

Cover the retailers from newly developing and upcoming boundaries and areas of city.

Use more and more POP material at wholesalers counter and also distribute to the retailers for increasing sale of secondary brands if we try cover the marginal account then first for few month try give them financial support by way of easy credit terms .

keep regular eye on the distributor because they are selling and supplying the products other than there territory or city. Because of the big target.

Use some of the mechanisms which are used by wholesalers such as regular product availability, good constant service try create personal relation ship with every wholesalers.

Try to promote secondary brands in market first by huge promotion technique because when the primary demand will create then and then only sale will increase.

Reference :

M.V Kulkarni Physical Disribution and ChannelManagement Nirali Prakashan.

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