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Published on Sep 16, 2019


The objective of Automatic Punching Machine project is to make automatic punching machine for industrial and automobile parts with the help of micro controller


This project is very useful in industries and automobile manufacturing units in order to save the time and manpower


This project is designed with micro controller, driver circuit along with motor, keypad, moving arrangement and punching mechanism. Punching machine is designed with mechanical arrangement in which movements are controlled by motors.

Moving mechanism is attached with punching spindle. So we can move the punching spindle any where with in the area of machine. Moving mechanism also controlled by motor.

Here the micro controller may be Atmel or PIC both are flash type reprogramable micro controller. Keypad is a set of keys in which one key represents number of punches and another represent time internal between punches. Remaining keys controlled the moving mechanism for forward, reverse, left & right.

The corresponding information is given to micro controller. In micro controller we have already programmed, so it activates the driver circuits for motors depend on the program instructions.

Driver circuit consists of transistor just act as switch to turn on & turn off the motors. When our required punches and place fed into micro controller through keypad, then micro controller activates the corresponding driver circuit. Now punching mechanism operates and done the operations as per our requirement through the micro controller

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