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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This projects aims to develop design automation in product development. Design automation causes increase in producibility and decrease in product cost and manufacturing lead time. The study at hand is proposed to provide a new method and to introduce procedure to the design of wiring pattern for a car seat heater for Kongsberg Automotive, KA.


KA is a Norwegian company and a global provider of engineering, design, and manufacture for seat comfort, driver and motion control systems, fluid assemblies, and industrial driver interface products. The method that currently is used in the company to create a wiring pattern is neither sufficient enough nor automated.

In order to design the wiring pattern , at first procedure is handled by the designer. Secondly, car seat heater 2D layout is imported and then, the dimensions of the elements are defined as constraints.

Then VBA codes are opened and the program is run. The result will be a wiring pattern in different 2D layouts. To make the design process easier, we have modeled five different layouts; wiring pattern of one element, two elements, three elements, five elements (with two back sides) and one element trapezoidal 2D layout.

The algorithm written in VBA (Visual basic for application ) creates the pattern according to the dimensions of the elements which are used as inputs to define constrained parameters.

The created macros are simple to use and easy to modify, independent from the programming knowledge. The user is only responsible with parameter input and running the program. The solution gives wiring pattern for a car seat heater.

The project is involved with the estimation of wiring pattern , wire properties, manufacturing data and the manufacturing costs of a new product. The wiring pattern of the system is provided with an algorithm. The objective with this project is either to explore new approaches or improve already existing algorithm for wiring pattern of the car seat heaters which is not sufficient enough.

In today's world almost all of the large scaled companies are holding only the assembly lines in their own plants and most of the production and manufacturing facilities are provided by the SMEs (small and medium sized enterprise). In order to compute within each other, subcontractors have to show on-time response in quotations with high accuracy in delivery and cost estimations to be able to do such co-operations with the large-scaled companies.

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