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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The proposed aim of our project is to display all car parameters like engine temperature, fuel level, and engine speed in digital form.


In our project we make use of sensors for various measurements like temperature, speed, fuel level etc. The sensor, LCD, alarm, child lock is connected to the micro controller.

All the Process are controlled by the controlling section. The process is described as follows: here the temperature sensor is used to sense the engine temperature and the engine temperature range and engine speed are displayed by means of LCD.

Depending upon the engine fuel level it is displayed as high, low, medium on the LCD screen. The door lock indication is also provided in our project to detect whether the door is closed or not. If any door is in unlocked condition the alarm is turned on.


• 89C51

• Temperature sensor

• Level sensor



The engine temperature, speed and fuel level are measured by this project

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