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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Today market is the of competition. Survival in the competitive market requires the special skills and techonology . especially cost cutting and control of over heads has become an prime necessity. Man power control and man power reduction, has become common in these slowdown.

Our project deals with such a concept which saves a labour cost and increases the operator efficiency.On the similar ground we are going to manufacture duplex milling machine by using hydraulics.

To reduce the operators fatigue & improve productivity, it was decided to design & manufacturing special purpose duplex milling machine in which both side milling of cylindrical rod takes place.

In conventional machine such as lathe machine both side milling requires large time for machining as we have to hold work piece twice & surface finish is also moderate.

So we are manufacturing duplex milling machine in which at a time both side face milling takes place & also surface finish is also very good.

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