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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The objective of this project is to generate the electric power through fabrication of hydraulic power plant


Now day's power demand is increased so this project is used to generate the electric power in order to compensate the electric power demand

Brief Methodology:

This project is designed with turbine arrangement, Dynamo, Rectifier, Filter circuit and Battery .

This type of project is used in the water storage areas. When high pressure water flow through the turbine, the turbine will be rotated. The rotating speed is depends upon the pressure of the water flow.

Dynamo is coupled with the turbine. Dynamo is the permanent magnet with moving coil arrangement. Whenever the turbine is rotating the moving coil in the dynamo also rotate. Due to that alternating voltage is generated.

Then AC voltage is given to rectifier circuit to convert the DC voltage. After that the rectified voltage is fed to filter circuit in order to filter the AC ripples. Then the filtered DC voltage is stored in the Battery . This stored DC voltage used to different application. Through this way electric power is generated and compensated to the electric demand

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