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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Our project aim is to control the vehicle parking status within an allocated area using embedded system.


To implement our idea we have to connect a counter for vehicle at way IN and way OUT .The use of counter here is to count how many vehicles goes inside to the parking area.

A way IN counter is incremented for each vehicle entry; similarly a way OUT counter is decremented by each vehicle out. Here sensors are used for counting purpose. The number of vehicles present in the parking area is currently displayed on the display unit. Here LCD is used as a display unit.

From the display unit we can easily find out the parking status. The counter circuit is connected to the micro controller unit for opening the door at correct status depend upon the number of vehicles displayed on the display unit.

A stepper motor is connected at both vehicle way IN and way OUT for door opening and closing actions. Here we already stored a limit (number of vehicles) in micro controller unit. When the way IN counter reach a pre-loaded limit (number of vehicles) the stepper motor gets disconnect from the control circuit so as to the door does not open in that condition.


1. Micro controller (89c51)

2. LCD display

3. Stepper motor

4. Sensors


It is a real time applicable one and it is applicable for all vehicle-parking systems.


The vehicle parking tensions are controlled by our project idea

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