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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The project entitled " HYDRAULIC BENDING AND BEND REMOVING MACHINE " is designed for the users to bend or remove the bend in plates, pipes etc.

The main parts in this project are Cylinder, Piston, Work piece platform levers etc.

It consists of two cylinders connected by a pipe. The cross sectional area of one cylinder is ten times greater than the other. Suitable hydraulic oil, piston and rings are set inside the two cylinders.

The user can apply the force in the big cylinder (Driver) and can over come the force from the small cylinder (Driven).

A Flat shaped metal piece is connected with the piston in the Driven cylinder. Just below the metal piece, a work piece platform is fixed. The work piece to be bent or bend removed is placed in between the metal piece and work piece platform.

When the user presses the piston in the Driver cylinder with some force, ten times greater force is over come in the driven cylinder.

The piston in the driven cylinder moves down there by pressing the work piece. Thus the user can bend or remove the bend in a metal with little effort

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