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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Hand Operated Pneumatic Robot project aims to operate robotic hand using pneumatics.


Nowadays robots are flourishing in many industries. In olden days robots are only used as toys for children, but today it finds a wide range of applications in most of the industries, companies, hospitals, etc., for automation purposes. Mostly stepper motor is used to control the arm of the robots.

So we innovate an idea to replace stepper motor by pneumatics. We use pneumatic control for the advantage of heavy torque comparing to stepper motor.

Our project consists of micro controller, pneumatic valves, upward/downward cylinder (cylinder1), angular movement cylinder (cylinder2), and control switch. The micro controller controls the opening and closing of the pneumatic valves.

When the valve1 gets opened, due to pressure the cylinder1 will move either in upward or downward direction. Likewise, when the valve2 gets opened, the cylinder2 will be rotating at angular position. The control switch is used to control the direction of the cylinder movement.


Thus our robot hand is operated using pneumatics.

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