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Published on Aug 21, 2023


In Industries, some parts will be very dangerous. Some times, user will un expectedly touch the parts and will affect them. To avoid this, safety controller can be set.

It consists of three parts. Sensors, Motor and Controller

Sensors (IR transducer and heat) are connected at the particular area of the Motor. If anyone un expectedly move their hands near the part, the sensor senses and sends signal to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller sends signal to the switching circuit. The switching circuit enables the motor to on and off.

In continuous use, the motor may be damaged by over heat. To protect this, heat sensors are connected. If there is over heat, the sensors sends signal to the microcontroller and the microcontroller controls the motor.

Since this project prevents user as well as motor, this will be very useful in Industries.

The microcontroller program is written in assembly language, and the microcontroller used is PIC16F73

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