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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The project entitled License scanning automobile security system is designed for the users to use vehicles with high security using license scanning system.

The main parts in this project are License scanner(CD drive), PC interface, microcontroller and electronic circuit.

The scanner(Instead of scanner, we use CD drive) is connected with the PC. The microcontroller kit is connected with the PC through serial port. The key section of the vehicle is connected with the microcontroller kit.

The image of the license is already stored in the PC. When the user inserts the CD(image inside) into the CD drive, the software in the PC recognizes the image and checks it with the existing image stored in the PC.

If it matches, it sends signal to the microcontroller through RS232. The microcontroller receives the signal and sends signal to the relay section through drivers. The relay section operates the key section of the vehicle.

Thus the operation of the vehicle depends upon the image in the CD. If the software does not recognize it, the key section will not work

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