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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Information push mechanism is a way of pushing the information to the user who would be interested in that. This technique is widely used in web-site advertising (showing the advertisements that a user with a certain profile would be interested in, yahoo! sites for example).

This technique can also be applied in other areas wherein a user with a known profile interacts with an information system (such as a website).

Based on the profile and on the history of activities of the user, a behavioural profile of that user could be determined and this behavioural profile will help the information push system in determining the content that the particular user would like to view.

This project is aimed at developing an agent-based information push mechanism. In this system, an agent program would be montioring the user's activities (like what he types on a word document, for example) and then propose to get him some help to perform his activity in a better and easier way.

This could be something like searching a repository for the documents that would help the user in preparing his current document and then providing him those documents.

Instead of the user searching for help on his activity, the agent takes the initiative of offering help to the user and so this comes under the information push systems

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