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Published on Sep 03, 2023


The Objective : To study if distance between warm bodies placed together and then apart affects their cooling rate.


I studied the cooling rate of one warm body with respect to the cooling rate of two bodies and then three bodies touching the maximum surface area.

Then I studied if placing the warm bodies at a distance from one another would affect their cooling rate and what that affect would be.

Glass bottles of equally warm water were used to simulate the warm body and temperatures of the bottles were taken over time at equal intervals (2-10min.).


# Three glass bottles of exactly the same size and shape;

# Three laboratory thermometers scaled up to 200°F;

# Metal Pot;

# Stove Top;

# Plastic Wrap;

# One Timer;

# Measuring cup;

# Grid sheet with intervals of one(1) inch;

# Towel;

# Oven Mitts.


# The triple bottles touching retained the most heat over time

# The double bottles touching retained the second amount of heat over time

# The single bottle lost the most heat.

# The triple bottles on inch apart retained a little more heat and showed some benefit to staying close without contact for retaining heat.

# The 2 bottles touching were almost four percent warmer.

# The three bottles touching were almost 5 percent warmer than the one and one percent warmer than the two


I conclude that my hypothesis If I place a greater number of warm bodies together, then I believe that they will retain a higher percentage of body heat than a smaller group of bodies is correct. The largest amount of warm bodies tested in my experiment stayed the warmest over time. The single warm body in my experiment lost the most heat The warm bodies that were placed next to each other without touching lost the most heat.

Therefore, I conclude that to retain body heat in situations of heat loss, it is beneficial to stay in contact with another warm body. It is more beneficial to stay in contact with more than one warm body. If this trend is correct, then it would seem to stay warm in heat loss situations, that a higher number of warm bodies would help retain heat better.

This project attempts to test Heat loss and retention of warm bodies with respect to distance btween the warm bodies.

Science Fair Project done By Darby L. Adler

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