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Android City Tour Guide System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


The combination of the smart phone and the Internet service is the trend of the future information development and software applications. Mobile phones are the most commonly used communication tools. Using mobile phones to obtain information is not only quick, but also more convenient shortcut to improve people's lives. In the paper, we propose the software development architecture based on Web services. This framework introduces the three-layer architecture of Web development into mobile phone software development. Based on the threelayer architecture, the android based city tour guide system is developed.

The android based city guide system can realize to query information for hotel, scenery, restaurant, traffic and so on. The android based city guide system has more practical significance.


1. Pre-installed applications: the application must be installed and run on the device.

2. Web applications: using web to browse the tourist information through a thin client on the device. These applications are considered as platform-independence.


1. Pre-installed applications

2. Web applications


The proposed mobile tourist guide (ETGS) design consists of two steps, the first step is designing a web site that allows the user to navigate a web site, discover the locations and the interesting points before the real visit. The second step is designing the mobile applications. When the user visits the web site, selects the POIs that he wants to visit and specifies some preferences such as the visit duration, the mobile model, and the language, then the information about these locations are kept over the user space and an application is being built. The application must be now installed in his mobile phone. The user runs the application while visiting.

He accesses the information from a simple interface or the information about any location is displayed without the user intervention according the GPS positioning system, where the matching is done between the GPS coordination and the GPS dimensions stored for each location over the device. If so, the information about this location is displayed.


In current tourism system, whenever a tourist visits famous spots, to know more about the place he hires a guide. The hired guide then narrates history of the place. The proposed system doesn’t require a physical guide. The Mobile application installed on the mobile of tourist can act as a guide. Additionally, the application would help user to find out the weather forecast of the place.


Android City Tour Guide


 Location finder

 Video Search

 Video player

 Weather Forecast



Location finder

This module is responsible to retrieve user’s current latitude and longitude using GPS. This will convert the coordinates into street address using geocoding

Video Search

This module is responsible to do video search using Google’s search engine. The result of the search is list of videos related to the user’s current location.

Video player

This module is responsible to play the video which user selects.

Weather Forecast

This module is responsible to retrieve the weather information from Google and display it to user.


This module allows user to set some settings for the applications.



 System : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.

 Hard Disk : 40 GB.

 Monitor : 15 VGA Colour.

 Mouse : Logitech.

 Ram : 512 Mb.

 Mobile : Android Mobile


 Operating system : Windows XP/7.

 Coding Language : Java 1.7

 Tool Kit : Android 2.3 ABOVE

 IDE : Eclipse

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