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Mobile Travel Guide - Smart Way to Travel

Published on Sep 03, 2023


In current tourism system, whenever a tourist visits famous spots, to know more about the place he hires a guide. The hired guide then narrates history of the place. Now a day mobile phone is a necessary part of the people’s life. There is continuously rising in a number of mobile computing applications, centered on the people’s daily life. In such applications, location dependent systems have been detected as an Important application.

Such application which presents the Architecture and implementation of such a location is commonly known as Smart Travel Guide. We propose architecture of mobile tourist guide system for Android Mobile Phones that is able to provide tourism information to the mobile users conveniently. Our system takes advantage of light-weighted mash up technology that can combine more than one data sources to create value-added services, while overcomes the limitations of mobile devices

The Mobile application installed on the mobile of tourist can act as a guide. Additionally, the application would help user to find out the weather forecast of the place.

Existing System:

In the tourism industry, tourist information is obtained mainly through newspaper, magazines, radio and other simple ways those are available easily. But problem is that tourists are not able to get travel information timely when they are on the move. While today's mobile devices are becoming more intelligent, compared with PC, they still have the following limitations like small screen and tiny keyboard, limited CPU capacity, limited memory space, slow and fitful Internet connection.

Many mobiles of recent decades have travel guide application. But the application on these mobiles works slow due to continues acquisition of the bandwidth. Therefore, the mobile end-user’s operation is very difficult, and the contents display on the screen of mobile device is limited

Proposed System:

The challenge address by mobile was ability to get exact location from the specified favorites, current location, map, distance between two cities, weather report, find the video. Pointed out from the research that many applications have been developed, but some of the tourist information is mainly obtained through news paper, magazines these applications do not provide exact information while user on move. After studying many researches papers and also addressed many problem but the some mentioned above are the major issue so the proposed system will try to solve many problem related with current location, map, distance between two cities, weather report, find the video. In order to help the user who is newer to the city at the traveling time and gets current location, map, distance between two cities, weather report, find the video.


Have you ever gone to tour, and wished to get information of the place in your mobile? Check out the videos which explain the history/information of the place you are currently visiting? Quickly get the weather forecast for the place?

The application “Mobile Travel Guide” solves all these problems. It offers below services

 Retrieves the user’s current geological coordinates.

 Converts the Latitude/longitude to street address.

 Does video search for that place and displays those to user.

 User watches the video of his choice.

 Gets the weather forecast for the place.


Technologies used are

Mobile Application:

• Android

• GPS (for getting user’s current location)

• GPRS (for internet connectivity between mobile and server)

Implementation Modules:

This is a standalone application developed for Android phones.

Mobile Application Modules:

The mobile application has below modules

 Location finder:

This module is responsible to retrieve user’s current latitude and longitude using GPS. This will convert the coordinates into street address using geocoding technology.

 Video Search:

This module is responsible to do video search using Google’s search engine. The result of the search is list of videos related to the user’s current location.

 Video player:

This module is responsible to play the video which user selects.

 Weather Forecast:

This module is responsible to retrieve the weather information from Google and display it to user.

 Settings:

This module allows user to set some settings for the applications.

Hardware Requirements

Mobile which has below features



 Android 1.5 or higher

Software Requirements

 Android Google API 1.5 or higher

 Android Development Tool plug-in

 Eclipse 3.4 or higher

 Sun JDK 5 or higher


In this paper, we presented the design and implementation of a mobile application called Smart Travel Guide, with which mobile users can get tourism guidance information they need anytime and anywhere. By Smart Travel Guide, users can get an attraction’s detailed information, including text, picture and video. In particular, Smart Travel Guide can provide users with location based information, which can be browsed or queried through a map. User can search the nearby attractions after he or she configures the distance between the current location and the view spots. When the user moves out of the current location, the mobile phone will automatically

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