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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Since mobile phones are popular with students and can be used in all walks of life, we have attempted to create an application that the students can easily access through their smartphones. Although there are many mobile platforms available in the market these days, Android OS is the most userfriendly and programmer friendly platform. Android is an Operating System supporting a large number of applications in smart phones. These applications make life more comfortable and advanced for the users. One such application that we arediscussing here in the paper is the Academic Scheduler.

This application mainly aims to minimize the difficulties that the students face in managing and planning their academic life. The user of this application will be the student itself and should have the application installed on the smartphone/android device. In our project “Time Table Generator” is used access the time table of each students in an institute. The Admin module provide the time tables of Student and teachers from the admin side and the staff and student can access thair time table seperatly. this class time table for android has been developed.

This app will play a vital role for institutions or colleges who want to inform their teachers in dynamic time. Using this app, teachers will also able to create their class time table as per their convenience and make changes as per their accessibility and necessity. It’s the class time table app by which teachers can get their class information by using their fingers. To make this table more informative, all the information’s has been represented in understandable manner. Using this android app, teachers and faculty members will able to know their teaching time whenever they are in need.

Existing System

As we all know, how the traditional class time has been used and even in today’s technical era, this tradition is going on. But sometime, teachers may forget their routine and stay idle at staff room by which students have to be the sufferer. Sometimes due to mis print on paper work on in class time table register, there occurs conflicts between teachers for their time schedule which is not good for teaching environment. Quick updation work cannot be possible, because of having file at another location and it’s also not having possible to check their file immediately when required or when needed.

Proposed System

The most important and best feature of this android app is that, it can be accessed from anywhere using their smart or android based phones. Using this class time table android app, teachers will able to get their available batches and their timing details. Teachers if the accessibility has been provided through admin, will able to add new batches on the available existing time. Updation, deletion, modification of available batches can be made through admin panel, but if any teachers have get this facility, will able to make operations, thus able to provide dynamic working environment for today’s busy schedule. When the system will involve in updation work, there will be a proper message of waiting will be displayed to particular user. But to make a responsive system, it will take care of class time and allow teachers to make changes to their routine task, before their starting time.

Module Descriptions

1. Admin

1.1 Admin Login

1.2 Select Department and Year

1.3 Staff Time table

2. Staff

2.1 Staff Login

2.2 View Time Table

3. Student

3.1 Student Register

3.2 Student Login

3.3 Select Department and Year

3.4 View Time Table

4. Update Time Table

5. Notification Module

1. Admin

Admin is the first and main module in this application. Admin is the responsible person for adding and updating the time table. Admin can add the data and also he can view the timetable in admin side. Admin is the person to add student and teacher time table too. Admin contain many sub modules

1.1 Admin Login

Only authorized admin can access to the application. For that application developer provide a user name and password to the admin. Only using this username and password the admin can enter in to the application

1.2 Select Department and Year

After the Admin login admin need to insert the Time Table of both staff and student in the application contain many departments. Each department contain 4 years. So the Admin need to enter Each department have 4 years separately

1.3 Staff Timetable

After entering the student time table Admin need to enter the staff time table. Each staff have an individual id. Using that id Admin
enter the Time Table of each staff

2 Staff

2.1 Staff Login

Only Authorized staffs can enter in to the application. The admin provide a username and password to the staffs. Using this username and password the staffs can enter application

2.2 View Time Table

After entering to the application Each staff has an individual window for seeing their Time table. In a button click the staff can identify their time table

3 Student

3.1 Student Registration

Before the student entering to the application the student need to register the application. Only the validated user can allow to enter the application. Every registration details can stored in to the database

3.2 Student Login

After the student registration the student need to Login. This login page is used to validate the user. The application validate the user name and password and only the validate user can enter to the application

3.3 Select Department and Year

After the validation the student enter to the Student home. From student home the student can find his department and year. After selecting the department and year he press the submit button the student will move to the next page for display the Time Table

3.4 View time Table

After selecting the Department and Year the student move to the next page. Which will contain the details of the student like student name, Student department, student Year. And also show the time table of the student in a button click

4 Update Time Table

If the admin need to update the Time table There is a switch placed in the admin side which will delete the data base and we can enter the new Time table. The updated time table will be shown in the Staff and student side also

5. Notification Module

After the Admin Updating the Time Table. The Admin Can send notification to the user. It will show the updated information via notification.


The project involved analyzing the design of few applications so as to make the application more users friendly. To do so, it was really important to keep the navigations from one screen to the other well ordered and at the same time reducing the amount of typing the user needs to do. In order to make the application more accessible, the android version had to be chosen so that it is compatible with most of the Android devices.


Functional Requirements

 Graphical User interface with the User.

Software Requirements

For developing the application the following are the Software Requirements:

1. Android Development Tools

2. Eclipse IDE 3.4 or Higher(Resent Version)

3. Android SDK and Eclipse Plug-ins for Android ADT (Resent versions).

Operating Systems supported

1. Windows 7

2. Windows XP

3. Windows 8

Technologies and Languages used to Develop

1. Android

2. Java

3. XML

Debugger and Emulator

1. Android Dalvik Debug Monitor service

2. Android Emulator(Android Virtual Device)

For running the application the following are the Software Requirements:

 Operating System: Android 2.1 or higher versions

Hardware Requirements

For developing the application the following are the Hardware Requirements:

 Processor: Pentium IV or higher

 RAM: 256 MB

 Space on Hard Disk: minimum 512MB

For running the application:

 Device: Android version 2.1 and higher

 Minimum space to execute: 1.0MB

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