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Lever Operated Pneumatic Gear Shifting For Two Wheeler

Published on Sep 03, 2023


In our project we are going to modify the present gear shifting mechanism in two wheelers. We are making an attempt to shift the gears in two wheelers (motor bikes) using pneumatics instead of foot lever operated systems. In the proposed system, the gear positions can be shifted by using pneumatic cylinders that can be placed near the gear pedal of the vehicle itself. This enables easy shifting of the gears with the use of hand itself.

When a gear shifting-up of an automatic transmission is to be effected, the load applied by the load device is increased, or the load is connected to an output rotation shaft of the engine via a selectively-connecting device, thereby reducing the rotational speed of the output rotation shaft of the engine to a required level. In our project, two pneumatic cylinders are coupled to the gear rod of the two ends. The two levers are used to activate the pneumatic cylinders for forward and reverse position so that the gear will be shifted in lever manner.


At present due to the extended difficulties in manual operations, the technology has shifted from manual to automatic few of them include ABS system, active steering system etc.., in order to increase passenger safety and comfort. Increasing demands on performance, quality and cost are the main challenge for today’s automotive industry, in an environment where movement, component and every assembly operation must be immediately and automatically recorded, checked and documented for maximum efficiency. One of the automatic applications includes pneumatic gear changer. This study describes in detail in an understandable way to how to convert the traditional manually gear shifting mechanism by using microcontroller (control unit relays).

A method of controlling a gear change of an automobile, automobile comprising an internal combustion engine an automatic transmission connected to an output rotation shaft of engine so as to transmit the rotational output of engine to drive wheels of automobile through any selected one of a plurality of gear ratios a load device selectively connectable to output rotation shaft of engine via selectively-connecting means and means for generating a gear change control signal for selecting one of gear ratios of automatic transmission in accordance with one of operational conditions of automobile and engine method comprising the steps of controlling selectively-connecting means when gear change signal-generating means generates the control signal for shifting up the gear in automatic transmission, in such a manner that selectively-connecting means connects said load device to said output rotation shaft of said engine.


In this construction there are two pneumatic cylinders consisting of pistons on either side of the vehicle pedal for engaging the gear. The cylinders are operated with the help of a pressurized air coming from compressor and it is controlled by a control unit (micro controller).

This microcontroller (chip) is preprogrammed for working of the system. The role of two pneumatic cylinders is one for increasing the gear speed and for decreasing the gear speed. For the forward motion one cylinder is actuated & for the reverse motion second cylinder is actuated.



Lever Operated Pneumatic Gear Shifting


• It requires simple maintenance cares

• The safety system for automobile.

• Checking and cleaning are easy, because of the main parts are screwed.

• Easy to Handle.

• Low cost automation Project

• Repairing is easy.

• Replacement of parts is easy.


• Thus it can be useful for the two wheeler application.

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