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Fabrication of Easiest Crossing Way of Two Platforms for Handicapped Person

Published on Sep 03, 2023


The Automatic Mobile platform refers a type of system that can be used in production as well as in other industries, and particularly for railway station etc. This system includes a compressed operated remote sensing locomotive (carrier) on which a small lift is provided, specific path over which it moves, sensors for sensing the obstructions on the path of the carrier or track. Also sensors for sensing the load of the train from where load wants to carry and to where.

The remote sensing carrier moves using the electric electrical control from the control unit. It moves with a low and constant speed on the prescribed path. The path has a specific colour. The bottom of the track have sensor which is always coupled with the path finder. From the remote station we send only information for moving the carrier, not for steering it. The steering is done by the path. The front and rear side of carrier junction contains for pneumatic cylinders in both sides.

As it reaches the collecting station, its top floor lift to a small distance and lift the stand which contains the parts wants to assemble, supply. And the carrier moves through the path and reaches the other plat form in railway station. The sensor provided on the carrier detected the station and unload the stand contains assembly parts at that station. And move to collecting stations again. Continues working cycles for making this project a reality.


A railway platform is a section of pathway, alongside rail tracks at a railway station, metro station or tram stop, at which passengers may board or alight from trains or trams. Almost all rail stations have some form of platform, with larger stations having multiple platforms. The term "platform" has also gained usage as a verb among some rail conductors, as in, "The first two cars will not platform at [station]".

The term "railway platform" can also mean any type of freight platform beside a rail siding for loading/unloading freight to/from rail cars.


For the modern secured communication system as the sensor device the red laser is very much practical. The 635 nm red laser is widely used for data transfer communication system as well as used to indicate any type of coding system (as bar code), sensing system (as signal controlling) etc. Here, for the proposed modern railway mobile platform crossing system the 635 nm red laser is used for the better and secured performance. Now-days it is very essential to make sure that all the transporting system must be secured for the harmless movement.

People can get concerned by this proper and secured system. Using more powerful 635 nm red laser in this type of transporting system in railway station people will get more secure and easy movement with their goods and materials. On this basis, here the analysis has been done for making more power of the 635 nm red laser maintaining the basic conditions and concepts, because making the variation of parameters to get maximum power, wavelength and intensity must be maintained in limit as to keep the material concentration as same as basic structure.


The most basic form of platform consists of an area at the same level as the track, usually resulting in a fairly large height difference between the platform and the train floor. This would often not be considered a true platform. The more traditional platform is elevated relative to the track but often lower than the train floor, although ideally they should be at the same level.

Occasionally the platform is higher than the train floor, where a train with a low floor serves a station built for trains with a high floor, for example at the Dutch stations of the DB RegionalbahnWestfalen. On the London Underground some stations are served by both District line and Piccadilly line trains, and the Piccadilly trains have lower floors.

A tram stop is often in the middle of the street; usually it has as a platform a refuge area of a similar height to that of the sidewalk (e.g. 100 mm), and sometimes has no platform. The latter requires extra care by passengers and other traffic to avoid accidents. Both types of tram stops can be seen in the tram networks of Melbourne and Toronto.

Sometimes a tram stop is served by ordinary trams with rather low floors and metro-like light rail vehicles with higher floors, and the tram stop has a dual-height platform, as in Amstelveen, Netherlands. A train station may be served by heavy-rail and light-rail vehicles with lower floors and have a dual- height platform, as on the Chennai platforms, For that we are replacing the mobile platform with the help of pneumatic cylinder and the IR sensors, here the air energy is directly converted into mechanical energy with the help of linear motion.


Crossing Way of Two Platforms for Handicapped Person


• Idle time of the machine is reduced.

• When compared with the mechanical vices, it consumes less time for

Clamping and unclamping the job.

• It reduces the manual labor.

• Hence, production rate is higher.

• In this mechanism there is no backlash.


• Speed of delivery.

• Adjustment of vehicle speed.

• Flexibility of path.

• Adaptive to changes in factory layouts.

• Avoid collision with other objects.

• Reduction in running cost compared to conveyer systems.

• Ability to add sensors to detect the payload conditions.

• Ability to adjust the lifting time.

• Continues cycle of working.

• Conditions for line following can be change easily.

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