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Published on Aug 21, 2023


In Mist areas, the driver in vehicles can not see the vehicles at front. This project is developed for vehicles accident alert in mist areas. The main modules in this project are Infrared transmitter, Infrared receiver, Microcontroller unit and audio section.

An Infrared signal is produced by using the electronic circuit. The Infrared produced is transmitted along a particular direction. The Infrared signal travels and falls on the Obstacles and reflected back. This setup is connected at the front of the vehicle.

In the electronic circuit, there is a Infrared receiver. The reflected Infrared signal can be received through the receiver if there is any obstacles.

The microcontroller counts the time taken between the transmission and the receiption and thus calculates the distance. If there is obstacles in front of the vehicle, it produces a warning signal. Thus the driver can easily stop the vehicle. This project is very useful for vehicles in mist areas

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