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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to administer the telephone of Higher official. This project mainly consists of two RF transducers, Microcontroller unit and two telephones.

The microcontroller kit is connected with the telephone circuit. When anyone calls, the subordinate will inform the higher official by operating a RF transmitter. This produces an indication to the higher official about the call.

If he is ready to attend the call, he confirms the call by operating another RF transmitter. The corresponding receiver receives the conformation and sends signal to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller unit sends signal to the driver section. The driver section operates the corresponding relay to transfer the call from the subordinate to the higher official. Thus the subordinate can not use the phone at that time while the phone with the higher official is in use. This prevents unauthorized use of phone calls.

The microcontroller programming is written in Assembly language

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